My Name is Nina. I love to create.

Geboren in Augsburg. 

Self-taught. Kunst ist meine Sprache. 


Vorwiegend Ölgemälde/Mixed media (auf Holz) und Illustrationen.Meine Leidenschaft zur Papierkunst habe ich 2015 entdeckt.


Mein geschätzter Nachbar und langjähriger Künstler Eugen Kéri stand mir zu Beginn mit Rat und Tat zur Seite - sein geübtes Auge und seine geduldige Art haben mich schnell vorangebracht. In seinem Atelier durfte ich in den Stunden meiner Anwesenheit so viele wertvolle Dinge aus der Kunst erfahren und erlernen.


"Info about artist:


Nina Katrina is a German artist with Asian roots, born and residing in Augsburg, Germany. We got to know Nina as a talented artist who is not afraid to try new things - she is continually teaching herself different kinds of painting techniques, loves papercutting and first started crafting lightboxes in 2015.

Nina Katrina: "Painting is my passion, my easiest opportunity to leave the planet without travelling. Painting is like using a language without the necessity of using words. My artworks are my "heartworks" - they often have a dreamy or emotional appearance. It might be due to my Asian roots, that I am very interested in subjects as superstition or ghosts - that is why there are often dark and sinister elements or backgrounds in my paintings. From the very beginning, I've loved painting seemingly fragile women who tend to have a strong look in their faces. My message can be understood as: at first sight, you don't see the true colours. For the time being, my favourite materials are oil paint and pencils on wood. I paint what I see with my heart. "IF WE COULD BUT PAINT WHAT WE SEE WITH THE EYE" (Honore de Balzac)."